Toro Iroka

トロ 色香


Ikebana artist and graphic designer. 

Born in Colombia, and moved to Japan in 2012.

Since 2015, I have been studying the art of ikebana under the direction of sensei Mika Otani  (大谷美香先生) at the Sogetsu School. I hold a teacher's diploma from Sogetsu (3rd grade).




My Ikebana lessons are dynamic and open to the needs and tastes of the students.

After a small introduction about the art of ikebana, the students will decide the focus of their study. This could mean in-depth study with the eventual goal of becoming an ikebana teacher or a more casual approach, simply using the techniques to feed their creativity across mediums or to create floral arrangements with more volume and movement than Western-style bouquets.

Anyone is welcome to join for study or relaxation, enjoying an activity that connects us to nature.

I teach weekly workshops in Tokyo, and twice yearly in Zurich, Switzerland, during the spring and autumn.



Dates: By appointment 

Duration: 60 – 90 min.

Place: Azabu Juban

Price: 6,000 Yen (materials included)

Languages: Spanish, English, German, Japanese





Dates: Normally twice a year, in spring and autumn 


Exhibitions and Demonstrations

I participate in various exhibitions and events, both in Japan and in Switzerland.

If you would like to know more, please  check events, or follow me on Instagram.


Spiral Award

In 2019, I was surprised and delighted to be given a Spiral Award at the 101st Sogetsu Annual Exhibition in Tokyo, despite being a first-time participant. Judges confer this honor to arrangements they consider particularly outstanding. I am proud to present my award-winning piece as an introduction to my work.


Ikebana Videos

Like many other people during the pandemic, I decided to take advantage of my increased free time and reach out to the world through YouTube videos. In some, I show simple ideas for making arrangements, while in others, I show the creative process of some of my works. Please feel free to take a look.